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Clean space for production of high-precision products."Perfect" and "Safety" are the watchwords for our staff.

The new head office building and Osaka factory were completed in May, 2004. The latest molding machines are installed within the airy and clean factory, which incorporates a formidable production system and an expertly skilled workforce, key to our global competitiveness in world markets. We shall also stop at nothing to ensure maintenance of product quality.
In addition to our final production process, labelling and packaging operations take place in a perfectly clean room, screening out dust even of micron size.



Our mission is to supply highly airtight,high-performancewafer Mission is to supplyhigh-performance cases to transfer semiconductor wafers.

Based on technologies accumulated by experienced engineers for many years, GOLD INDUSTRIES' Plant No. 2 develops and manufactures shipping containers of silicon wafers and compound wafers that are indispensable to semiconductor business. Furthermore, GOLD INDUSTRIES provides highly airtight and clean shipping containers for the transportation of LCD boards.

 Our metallic molds are also manufactured in-house.

We cannot overstress their importance as the most vital complement to plastic products. All metallic molds used in all the domestic and overseas locations of GOLD INDUSTRIES are designed and manufactured by the group's mold manufacturing division.

Osaka Plant
11-15, 4-chome, Kamio-cho, Yao, Osaka
TEL : +81-72-929-4144  FAX : +81-72-929-4148