Aiming to be THE ONLY ONE rather than the No.1 In terms of business development, GOLD INDUSTRIES is a real gold mine, far ahead of its competitors.

The fruitful end product of dedication and expertise

We at GOLD INDUSTRIES know that the steady cultivation of grapes, even if individually small, will produce a large bunch after they grow steadily together. This is the thinking we apply to achieve what often seems barely possible, through our factory with the technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. We market our high precision plastic molded products worldwide thanks to an effective combination of dedication and expertise on the part of each staff member throughout all our departments.

Electronics Products

Carrier Reel, Assembly and Disassembly Type Reel, etc.

An uncompromising quality assurance system ensures high product quality.
GOLD INDUSTRIES is proud of its original products.

Electronics Products image

Plastic Container Products

Food Containers and Chemical Material Containers, etc.

We have presumed various obstacles at transporting and improved user satisfaction with repeated improvements in the shapes of plastic containers.

Plastic Container Products image

Chemical Products

Novelty goods, Education goods, etc.

GOLD INDUSTRIES' products are applied to a variety of fields in response to customers' needs.

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