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Environmental Efforts

Environmental Initiatives

"Aiming at the harmonization of production and the global environment" is one of the management principles of GOLD INDUSTRIES and its Group. As clearly expressed in this principle, we have been engaged in business activities with the highest priority attached to environment friendliness. The most important factor required for environmental activities in general is the reduction of consumption, followed by the reuse of products and recycling of used products into raw materials. We have been energetically making environmentally friendly arrangements according to this order in the aim of minimizing environmental impact imposed by our corporate activities. We are aware that it is our corporate social responsibility to quickly accomplish what we can do.

Arrangements for reduction of consumption
We attach our top priority to the reduction of consumption by establishing product designing and manufacturing technologies that minimize raw materials used for the packaging of electronic parts and devices for automatic mounting applications. We have already attained a 40% reduction of resin used for certain products. Furthermore, with an improvement in transportation efficiency attained by the weight reduction of products, we are contributing to the suppression of CO2 emissions as well. Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art plastic molding equipment that consumes electric power much less than conventional plastic molding equipment, thus saving the power consumption at the production stages, reducing CO2 emissions, and contributing to a productivity improvement.

Arrangements for reuse of products
Reels that parts makers as our customers deliver to electronic device makers need to be collected when the reels are no more in use. In conjunction with recyclers, we collect reels at the request of customers, and recycle and redeliver them. In that case, we decide on the processing method of the used reels with consideration of both costs and environment impact factors, such as the transportation cost and recycling cost of the reels and the amount of CO2 emissions at the time of transportation.

Arrangements for recycling of products
Packaging materials used for the automatic mounting of electronic components and electronic devices are collected by waste plastic recyclers and companies specialized in the collection of packaging materials. We do not have an in-house recovery system, but we collect used packaging materials in conjunction with recyclers specialized in packaging materials with consideration of transportation efficiency. We select recyclable packaging materials from the collected ones and reuse them for raw materials. Before reusing them for raw materials, we analyze not only the properties of the packaging materials but also the ingredients of them in order to prevent the contamination of unwanted substances and hazardous substances. We recycle them after confirming the compliance of the materials with regulatory directives, such as RoHS directives, thus making it possible to use the recycled products meeting strict ecological requirements.

ISO Certifications

GOLD INDUSTRIES has obtained both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, reflecting its record in meeting international standards in quality management systems and its aim of preserving high quality and enhancing customer satisfaction. We also continue to be a company that strives to coexist harmoniously with the global environment.

Customer's Certification

We are an authorized green partner of Sony Corporation's Semiconductor Company.