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Murata Kasei Kogyo founded in Hon-machi, Yao.
Office relocated to Katsura-cho, Yao (Facility expansion.)
Factory built in Wakae-higashi-machi, Higashi-Osaka.
Incorporation of firm named GOLD INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.
Development and production of carrier reel (GR) commenced.
Carrier reel adopted by Matsushita Electronics Industry.
Carrier reel exhibited in INTERNEPCON (in Osaka).
New product released: General-purpose reel (GHR).
New product released: TAB reel (GTR).
New product released: Floppy case.
New product released: Carrier pocket (CP).
Development of the EOM reel completed for Matsushita Electroniccomponents.
Presentation of the reuse reel made in EIAJ.
Large-size reel developed (Φ300).
CP and GR exhibited in INTERNEPCON (at Makuhari Messe).
New product released: Reuse reel to EIAJ standards (RPM).
Establishment of KYUSHU GOLD CO., LTD. in Ebino city,Miyazaki prefecture
Production in the Malaysia base (Lamseng Plastic Industries) commenced.
New product released: Assembly-disassembly type reel (GCR).
Tokyo sales office opened.
Local Singapore subsidiary established.
GOLD ENGINEERING (GE) established.
Production in the Thailand base commenced.
GE relocated to the head office site.
Offices opened in Malaysia and Thailand.
Developed the taping machine for semiconductors.
Taping business started.
Slitter business started.
ISO9001 certification obtained.
Merger between Osaka factory and GE completed.
ISO14001 certification obtained.
Dicing business started.
New TAB clip developed.
New TAB reel developed.
Construction of the TAB reel factory in KYUSHU GOLD completed.
KYUSHU GOLD obtained ISO14001 certification.
SUZHOU GOLD obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.
Head office and factory relocated to Kamio-cho, Yao.
Lightweight reel developed.
Base in Iwate started production.
Base in Hiroshima started production.
Base in Gunma started production.
Sheet products business started.
GOLD EIGHT CO., LTD. established.
Wefer case business started.
Base in Tochigi started production.
Lightweight reel L6 developed.
Taiwan Gold Electronics Co., Ltd. established.
Started commercial production of the lightweight reel L6
Paste container production started.
Hong Kong Gold Co., Ltd. established to supervise overseas subsidiaries.
Developed the injection-molded separator core.
Domestic manufacturing subsidiaries (GE and KG) were merged into GOLD INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.